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Bingsu Around the World

Bingsu Bliss: Chicago’s Coolest Korean Dessert Spots

The Korean frozen dessert sensation known as bingsu has officially arrived in Chicago, bringing shaved ice bliss and new Asian inspired dessert trends. Creamy, colorful towers of fluffy shaved ice coated in sweetened condensed milk and topped with fruits, cookies, syrups and more grace the menus of an increasing number of cafes. This classic Korean sweet treat offers the perfect way to chill out and beat the heat during Chicago summers. In this article, we’ll trace bingsu’s origins and spotlight the top spots in Chicago for enjoying these photogenic icy concoctions. We’ll see how the innovative Yucoo Bingsu Machine is revolutionizing the dessert’s preparation for vendors and customers alike.

The Origins: A Korean Sweet Tooth Tradition

Bingsu traces its roots back centuries in Korea, since the Joseon Dynasty. The decadent dessert started as a seasonal treat made from shaving ice off blocks saved in the winter then topping with fruits, nuts and sweet red bean when they came into season in warmer months. The crushed ice base helped refrigerate and preserve the toppings before refrigeration was available.

Over time, condensed or evaporated milk was drizzled over traditional bingsu to add even more luscious sweetness. The dessert evolved into a beloved part of culture for celebrating holidays, birthdays, and beating the summer heat. Vendors competing to attract customers developed ever more elaborate architectural presentations.

The bingsu craze arrived in Chicago along with the recent wave of Korean culture and cuisine influence. Chicagoans have fallen hard for the soft, pillowy towers of milk-drenched shaved ice adorned with everything from fresh mango to decadent cheesecake chunks. Let’s explore the Windy City’s top spots for bingsu bliss using the revolutionary Yucoo Bingsu Machine.

Yucoo Bingsu Machine: A Game Changer

The Yucoo Bingsu Machine has revolutionized how Korean dessert shops and cafes prepare perfectly fluffy, fine-textured bingsu for customers. This innovative appliance makes quick work of shaving standard ice cubes into the light, powder-fine ice that characterizes melt-in-your-mouth bingsu.

With its heavy-duty commercial grade motor, specialized stainless steel blades, and adjustable ice shaving thickness, the Yucoo Bingsu Machine can swiftly shave several pounds of ice cubes in minutes. Vendors can keep up with high dessert demand and customize ice texture from super fine “snow powder” to chunkier ice flakes. The machine allows crafting bingsu to the ideal consistency every time for a sublime dessert enjoyment.

Many of Chicago’s hottest bingsu and dessert destinations use the Yucoo Bingsu Machine to efficiently craft their viral sweet treats. Let’s explore the Windy City’s top spots for bingsu.

Top Bingsu Spots in Chicago

Chicago’s bingsu options exploded in recent years, with creative flavors and add-ins that make choosing difficult. Here are some of the most iconic establishments:

SulLL Korean Dessert Cafe

This cafe’s signature is the decadent Soy Milk Bingsu, shaved milk ice coated with nutty soy milk then crowned with flakes of butter cake. They also offer flavors like strawberry cheesecake and lavender rose topped with cookies crumbles, cake chunks and wafer rolls.

Cafe Landwer

Landwer stuns with architectural bingsu creations like their Summer Love Bingsu. Pineapple and chocolate ice cream nestles inside fluffy shaved ice surrounded by fresh mango, kiwi, strawberries and grapes. Their Yuja Bingsu dazzles with bright yellow yuzu ice cream.

Tous Les Jours

The pastry shop excels at fruit-loaded bingsus like their signature Mango Bingsoo. Fresh mango slices and cubes adorn the finely shaved ice blanketed in mango sauce and condensed milk. Their rotating flavors include strawberry and coconut.

Labriola Bakery Cafe

This local bakery chain charms with their Strawberries & Cream Bingsu. Giant flakes of strawberry cream cheese ice cream melt into the creamy shaved ice drizzled in strawberry sauce and condensed milk. Toppings include flakes of angel food cake.

Kung Fu Tea

For delicious bingsu with boba, head to this international bubble tea chain. Their Brown Sugar Bingsu impresses with fluffy shaved milk ice sweetened with nutty brown sugar syrup then loaded with chewy boba pearls.

Which over-the-top bingsu will you try first in Chicago? These photogenic frosty treats offer the ultimate foodie experience.

Creating The Perfect Bingsu: It’s All in The Ice

The sheer joy of flawlessly airy, creamy bingsu starts with perfecting the base of finely shaved ice. This is what sets bingsu apart from a regular snow cone. The ultra-fine, powder-like ice texture melts instantly on the tongue into refreshing slush. Achieving this ideal fluffy ice requires specialized equipment to shave standard ice cubes into micro-thin shreds.

This is where the pioneering Yucoo Bingsu Machine comes in. Its commercial grade blade engine can swiftly shave several pounds of ice cubes into the delicate powder-fine ice that dissolves like a snowflake on the tongue. Vendors can adjust settings from ultra-fine “snow powder” ice to slightly chunkier flakes.

The Yucoo Bingsu Machine allows dessert shops to keep up with soaring customer demand thanks to its heavy-duty ice shaving capabilities. The innovative appliance also frees staff from tedious hand-shaving or relying on inferior consumer models. With this revolutionary equipment, Chicago bingsu vendors create ethereally airy, melt-in-your-mouth ice as the foundation of next level dessert enjoyment.

Trending Bingsu Flavors in Chicago

Creative flavors and mix-in toppings have helped bingsu explode in popularity across Chicago. Some mouthwatering trends include:

Tropical Fruits – Fresh mango, pineapple, lychee and other tropical fruits add bright pops of flavor and color. Their juices incorporate straight into the shaved ice base for a fruit-infused dessert.

Nutty and Sweet – Combinations of sweetened condensed milk, chocolate hazelnut spread, peanut butter, and buttercream frosting provide decadent flavor bombs.

Caffeine Boost – Coffee bingsu satisfies dessert and caffeine cravings in one icy cup. Popular versions feature mocha, vanilla latte, or matcha green tea mixed into the shaved milk ice.

Boozy Buzz – For adults, soju, vodka, rum, and other liquors are getting mixed into bingsu for a buzzy new fusion. Boozy bingsu turns happy hour on its head.

** Over-the-Top Toppings** – Cookies, cakes, donuts, macarons, cereal, mochi…any sweet treat imaginable can top bingsu as the perfect textural accompaniment.

Thanks to equipment like the Yucoo Bingsu Machine, Chicago dessert shops have no shortage of flavor possibilities to satisfy every palate. The only limit is their imagination!

The Experience: More Than Just a Dessert

Beyond thrilling flavors, bingsu has become a beloved part of culture and community. The joy of bingsu involves not just tantalizing tastebuds but creating moments of connection:

Trendy Foodie Experience – Part of bingsu’s appeal is the Instagram-worthy presentation. Towering technicolor bingsus attract foodie influencers and everyday customers alike.

Family Gathering Treat – Many families make an excursion of taking parents and kids out for showstopping bingsu together as a special weekend bonding adventure.

Date Night Delight – Couples enjoy romantic bingsu-for-two with spoons to share the towering dessert together. It becomes part of dating culture.

Girl’s Night Out – Groups of friends giggling and posing with their colorful bingsu creations has become a trendy social media-fueled bonding experience.

Festive Fun – Some Chicago shops host events like make-your-own-bingsu bars and bingsu eating competitions to bring communities together through this trendy frozen dessert.

Bingsu has entered Chicago’s food scene not just as a temporary fad but a new way to facilitate fun, togetherness and lasting memories over sweet shaved ice.

Customer Testimonials

Here is what Chicago bingsu lovers have to say:

“The pineapple bingsu was gorgeous! The shaved ice was so airy it melted right away. You could really taste the fruit flavors.” – Amanda S.

“We had the matcha bingsu for my daughter’s birthday and she said it was the best shaved ice she ever had! So delicate and the matcha flavor was perfect.” – James P.

“That Yucoo Machine makes the ice so fine that the bingsu almost feels like chilled cream. It’s a total game changer for texture.” – Monica T.

“I don’t have a big sweet tooth but even I became obsessed with the soy milk bingsu here. It’s just so light and refreshing.” – Ryan N.

Candids and quotes like these demonstrate how bingsu is delighting people and bringing communities together across Chicagoland. The future promises even more bingsu innovation as vendors experiment with new ideas. This Korean dessert sensation has cemented itself in Chicago’s food scene as a new seasonal tradition.

How to Make Your Own Bingsu at Home with Yucoo

With the right equipment and ingredients, you can recreate those drool-worthy bingsu creations from Chicago’s hottest dessert cafes right in your own kitchen. Follow this complete guide to crafting sensational layered shaved ice desserts using the revolutionary Yucoo Bingsu Machine:

Select Your Base

The foundation of epic bingsu is the finely shaved frozen base. Popular liquid bases include:

  • Milk – Whole milk or condensed milk make a creamy, dreamy base. Can flavor milk with vanilla or matcha extract.
  • Fruit juice – Freeze pureed mango, strawberry, or other fruit juice into a refreshing, brightly hued base.
  • Coconut milk – For a vegan base with tropical flair. Sweeten with agave or simple syrup.
  • Yogurt – Greek or skyr yogurt provides a tangy, protein-packed base.

Sweeten your liquid base lightly before freezing for at least 12 hours until completely solid. Use a shallow pan or ice cube tray for quicker freezing.

Prepare Your Mix-Ins

Half the fun of bingsu is the myriad mix-ins and toppings. Prep these before shaving your base:

  • Fresh fruit – Mango, strawberry, banana, kiwi, peach, melon – slice into small cubes
  • Cookies/cake – Crush cookies, brownies or slices of cake into chunks
  • Sweet sauces – Make or buy chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, condensed milk
  • Nuts – Toast pecans, almonds, peanuts – chop or leave whole
  • Coffee beans, cereal, candy, pocky – Crush or leave whole for texture
  • Whipped cream – Sweetened or unsweetened fresh whipped cream

Get creative with any toppings that provide flavor, texture and height.

Shave Fluffy Ice with the Yucoo Bingsu Machine

Now the fun part – use the powerful Yucoo Bingsu Machine to shave ice into featherlight flakes:

  • Break frozen base into large chunks and feed into the Yucoo Machine chute
  • Adjust settings as needed to produce fine, powdery shaved ice texture. Run ice through twice for max fluff factor.
  • Fluff and loosen shaved ice with a fork to maximize surface area and airiness before assembling.

The Yucoo Bingsu Machine swiftly shaves ice cubes into the delicate flakes that characterize melt-in-your-mouth bingsu texture.

Build the Layers into a Towering Treat

Now for the creative assembly into a visually stunning layered sensation:

  • Pack your super-fine shaved ice into a tall glass, leaving a hole in the center for toppings.
  • Drizzle sweetened condensed milk over the ice first in streams to seep down into the base.
  • Artfully arrange toppings – fresh fruit, sauces, cookies, nuts, etc using colors to accentuate layers.
  • Top with crunchable mixes like crushed cookies or decorative touches like mint leaves.
  • Serve immediately before ice starts melting for best texture. Don’t be shy with the toppings!

With the right technique, you can recreate those iconic bingsu towers at home using the Yucoo Bingsu Machine – now get ready to devour your creation!

Recreate Chicago’s Hottest Bingsu Trends at Home

Once you master the basics, unleash your creativity to recreate Chicago’s viral bingsu flavor trends at home:

Tropical Fruit Bliss – Channel summer with mango, pineapple, lychee, and other sweet fruits over coconut milk ice.

Indulgent Choco-Nutty – Layers of chocolate hazelnut spread, chocolate sauce, and crushed nuts take this to dessert heaven.

Mocha Frappe – Instant coffee powder and cocoa blend into milk ice for an icy, energizing twist.

Adult Tipsy Bingsu – Swap kid-friendly juices for soju, vodka, or your favorite liquor blended into the shaved ice.

** maximalist] – Go over the top with layers of cookies, cakes, candy, cereal treats, and any sweet toppings you crave.

Let the Yucoo Bingsu Machine free your inner bingsu artisan to create showstopping shaved ice sensations perfect for summer. Just don’t forget the spoon! Now who’s ready for a make-your-own bingsu party?

Supporting Local: Where to Buy Your Yucoo Bingsu Machine in Chicago

Bring the innovations powering Chicago’s bingsu obsession into your own kitchen by purchasing the Yucoo Bingsu Machine locally:

Yucoo Official Website – Order yours direct at with discounts and warranties. Ships from our Chicago warehouse for quick delivery.

Amazon – Search for “Yucoo Bingsu Machine” on Amazon to purchase with convenient Prime shipping

Bed Bath & Beyond – Find us in stock at Bed Bath & Beyond stores across Chicagoland. Use coupons for savings.

Ace Hardware – The Yucoo Bingsu Machine is carried at participating Ace Hardware locations. Call your neighborhood store to check.

Invest in the revolutionary appliance helping Chicago dessert shops perfect this viral Korean dessert. then use Yucoo to treat your family and friends to sublime shaved ice creations.


Bingsu has delighted its way into the hearts and stomachs of Chicagoans as the city’s hottest new dessert craze. The towering mounds of finely shaved ice coated in decadent toppings provide a fun new way to enjoy dessert while beating the summer heat. This classic Korean frozen treat has spawned creative new flavors and fueled community connections over shaved ice.

The innovation of the Yucoo Bingsu Machine has allowed vendors to keep up with insatiable demand. Now home chefs can also craft sublime pillowy bingsu using Yucoo. We hope this guide inspires you to join Chicago’s bingsu movement by supporting local businesses dishing up bingsu magic or making your own at home. With demand only growing, bingsu is sure to chill out Chicago for summers to come!

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